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My Recently Break

Hello! Long time no see all. I was really busy to getting university life and many assignments, but, I totally finished the final exam, so my uni is in the break. Today, I wanna show you what I'm doing the mid-year break!

Daily Life Recently

These pictures were taken in the Sydney these days. All places are really excited and amazing. I went to the taronga zoo where we can go by the ferry, the harbor bridge and main street in the Sydney.

Taronga Zoo

I went to the taronga zoo by ferry. I hadn't been to any zoo by a ferry. so it lifted me up so much! The taronga zoo is one of the famous zoos in NSW. Actually, I hadn't met a koala since I came Australia although it had taken almost half-year, so I was pretty happy to see koalas. There were many other animals there such as lion, meerkat, camels etc. The day when we went was on Friday, and there weren't lots of people, so we were able to see animals at our leisure. If possible, I wanted to touch them.... I highly recommend you to go there with your family or friends, which would be good memories for you.

Fish Market

We went to the fish market in the Sydney as well to eat a lunch. I ate the lobster hot dog, which was so yummy! It was a little bit sweet, maybe source, and burned cheese was also tasty. In the fish market, a lot of kinds of fishes were being sold, many cooks might buy sea food there. Recently, I'm thinking that I try to practice cutting fish, so after graduating my university, moving to the Sydney might be good choice for me though.

Some seasoning shops were there, so I bought two balsamic vinegar. As soon as possible, I wanna use for my cooking. It must be delicious. There were also many sushi shops. You can eat fresh and very good sushi there. I would like to eat sushi next time when I go there again.


Sydney is famous for many beautiful cafes. You can see them many times when you are walking in the Sydney. I wasn't able to count how many cafes are there in the walking. I drunk this green label cup long black. This coffee tastes was little bit sour but not too sour. First impression was bitter, but while temperature was getting lower, the taste was also changing. This is interesting point when I drink coffee. I wanna introduce coffee someday. I try to drink other cafe's coffee in the Sydney next time.


Thank you for reading my blog today. Sorry for late to upload new post, it took a long time to getting a university life and find time to write my blog. However, from now on, I will be able to upload my blog periodically about nutrition topic too.

If you have any comments about my blog, I'm really happy to hear that, which helps to improve my blogging.

See you on next my blog. Please take care of your health.