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Spice & Herb Introduction

Spice & Herb Introduction

What are spices and herbs?

Today, I'd like to talk about what are spices and herbs, basic information of them. Generally, they are used in lots of cooking, drinks, sweets etc. Some people might have utilized them to make their meals more delicious and colorful. Also, in the world, there are over 600 spices and herbs that are useful for remedy, diseases and health. Actually, some people are using and helping people who have health problems like diabetes, metabolism, mental disorders as well. Getting more skills and knowledge of spices and herbs must be beneficial for your food life.

Spice History

Originally, spices and herbs were used as a way of improving and giving health benefits for people who have health problems in India. First using way was medical purposes, but while they were utilizing spices and herbs, they were becoming to use them into their cooking. For example, they used turmeric, cardamon, cinnamon, cumin, cloves etc to cook curry. Spices and herbs developed in the UK, Roman and Europe as well each country. In the each country, spices and herbs developed originally, right now, there are uncountable using way of spices all over the world, which also influences each country's food culture.

Possibility of Spices and Herbs

If you hadn't used spices and herbs in your life, I highly recommend you to use them because they have many kinds of nutrition and health benefits which are make your life more valuable and better. These days, I had an opportunity to teach how to use spices in dishes and basic of spices to other people. After that, they told how did it work to me, which was good responses. They said that we became to be able to consider our cooking menu not to change previous dishes so much. As I wrote above, if you eat same food, for example, chicken, broccoli and rice kind of like body builders dishes, you can change spices. Not cooking chicken by using salts and black peppers, instead of those, you can use pesto (Italy spice) that mainly uses basil and olive oil or curry spices. From those of things, you can cook many kinds of flavor food by using same ingredients.

Pesto (Italy)

Last of This Blog

In this spices and herbs section, I'm gonna share skills and knowledge, which are helpful for you to live your life healthy and more enjoyable for your everyday cooking. If you get those of knowledge, your life must be changed.

Thank you for reading, see you on the next blog.